Custom suiting is an art and it is very important to know what makes a custom suit and if it is right for you.  Our custom suiting and shirting are made in America, with a selection Italian wools and blends from REDA, ZEGNA, ARISTON, and VITALE BARBERIS, and more.  We offer our signature Mason fit in Half Canvas, as well as Unstructured and Full Canvas.  All of our suits and sport coats are cut with functioning real hor buttons and double vented unless requested otherwise, with several lapel, pocket and other style points to make the custom piece your own.  

With a market that is flooded with Made-To-Measure and Custom programs popping up every which way, it is important to know what actually makes the garment custom.  There was a time not so long ago that all clothes were made to order and to the specific measurements and taste of the individual.  With the advent of mass production and globalization, this craft has largely disappeared, with only a hadful of bespoke tailors and custom manufacturers left in the U.S.  Many of the "Custom" programs offered today mimic the measuring and selection process of a traditional tailor to give the perception that you are getting a garment that is made to your measurements, when in reality it is being cut off of existing patterns in a mass production facility overseas.  Italian names are given to fabric collection to make it appear they are of the quality the true Italian fabrics demand.  Educate yourself and be sure to ask the right questions:

What kind of lining do you use - Horse hair? Fusing?

Where are your garments made - US? Italy? China?

Where do you source your fabrics?