Our Story


    Monck Mason Clothiers is a curated men's lifestyle collection, bringing together our signature collection of formal wear, and casual clothing and accessories from our favorite brands to offer options to ensure that you are the best dressed, whatever the occasion. The Monck Mason Collection is designed in-house and handmade in Florence Italy. We spent three years studying the different style nuances and construction methods that are indicative of the region the suits are produced, combining them to create what we think is the perfect suit. We have made no sacrifice in the quality of the fabric or the components to deliver a quality of suit that is made in the same factories as many of the most respected suiting labels available.


The Mason Fit

    Our flagship garment, the Mason Fit, is inspired by the long tradition of fine Italian suit making where our garments are hand made, using all Italian made components and fabrics. The jacket is half canvassed, which allows for a surprisingly light weight jacket, while still giving you the structure of canvas in the chest where it is needed most. The rolled notch lapel, softer shoulder expression, and subtle shaping is what gives Italian suits their unique style and elegance. Natural horn buttons and functioning button holes on the sleeve finish off the jacket and add a touch of quality that is rarely seen in even the most expensive suits today. Our trousers have a double latch closure to allow being worn without a belt for a cleaner look and feature a mid rise and slight taper in the leg to give a more tailored look off the rack while still allowing room for adjustments to make sure you have the perfect fit. Made In Florence Italy


 Style Advising & Tailoring Services

    Located in The Shops Buckhead, our shop allows the opportunity for us to offer a unique shopping experience. We offer Style Advising to all of our customers online or in-person as well as Fitting & Tailoring services in our showroom or in home and office, all complimentary to you. Our goal is to make the process of buying a new Italian suit or any of our pieces as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Come in, have a drink, and do not stress about having a swarm of sales associates pressuring you into a fit that is not comfortable or a style that is anything but your own. To ensure that you receive the best service possible, we operate by appointment which can be schedule by email, phone, but if you are in the neighborhood feel free to come in and hang out. We are here to serve you and will work to fit your schedule if you are unable meet during traditional business hours.

The Monck Mason Difference

    What differentiates Monck Mason tailored clothing from the majority of new suiting companies, is the fact that we do not sacrifice quality to offer our suiting at lower prices, period. Many new suiting brands will offer suits that are made with Italian fabrics but are produced in mass production factories in China, with the lack quality showing. Yet they will use the allure of the Italian fabric to mask the lack of quality in the garment. The Monck Mason Collection is made using 100% Italian components from the fabric selected by us to the horse hair canvas and natural buttons.
    Do not let Made To Measure and Custom Programs fool you as well. MTM and Custom suiting brands have flooded the market in recent years, promising the traditional full custom experience and more often than not using a process that is anything but. The majority of these garments are assembled like puzzle pieces that do not go together, in an "overseas" factory (China), all for the same cost that you would have spent had you gone to a master tailor and had a true custom garment made. These companies also want you to believe that Off The Rack suits just won't fit, when in reality 90% of men can wear a suit off the rack if you find a fit that works for your body type and correct size, all with minor adjustments.

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